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AbTest 5  
Achievement 1 1 17   Holds the Achievements that are used for badges. This table is related to the Rule table only
Bookmark 1 19   Bookmarks for each book
content 8 2 46   The content table holds the book record and the \'chapter\' record for each book. Book records have a Null value in the BookID column and \'Chapter\' recors have the ContentID of the \'Book\' record in the BookID column
content_keys 1 3   No real idea what this is for. It appears to be indexes into the epub/kepub file. volumeid = contentid where bookid is Null
content_settings 1 11   Seems to track the format settings selected by contentid not used up to version 56
DbVersion 1  
Event 1 7   Seems to track social events related to particular books
publications 1 3   Holds the newspapers/magazines names for Subscribed publications
ratings 1 4   Holds the ratings assigned for each book
Rules 1 10   Holds the rules associated with acheivements. Only really associated with the Achievement table and not related to anything else
Shelf 1 9   Holds the Shelves created to hold book lists
ShelfContent 2 5   Holds the books associated with each Shelf
shortcover_page 1 3   Old kepub books used to exist in this table. Each row was a chapter or some section of the book
user 2 5   Holds the userid and associated data - possibly related to licensing
volume_shortcovers 1 1 3   Related to the kobo epub style books. volumeid = contentid where bookid is Null.
volume_tabs 1 2   Probably related to some interface tabs. There may be multiple records for each book. volumeid = contentid where the bookid is Null
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